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Rotimi Amaechi: Stop Criticizing GEJ’s Administration

Published on December 14, 2017

By admin

The minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi has said he’s on the side of those who said the present government should bring to reality it’s campaign promises rather than making ship wreck of the past government under Good luck Jonathan, the minister said this in Abuja after the report of the inter-ministerial committee for the finalization of the draft National transport policy(NTP)was submitted to him. The committee consist of 19 members from the transport sector and agencies in the country.

Mr Rotimi Amaechi opined that there is need for more investment in the technological aspect of transportation, The minister recount on how he visited the new airport in Singapore and there was no human labour once you enter into the airport because technology as taken over, ”intelligence transportation should not be ignored therefore we should see how much investment we can put in the area of ICT” he said.

Rotimi Amaechi said ”what we assure Nigerian is that under president Buhari administration; we will do everything possible to ensure that we maximize the resources that president by the way of budget releases to each ministry”.On the implementation of the policy he said ” I assure you that we will take the next step u want us to take, usually people take expert contribution for granted but the fact remains that expert are more knowledgeable and if we don’t come to you who should we run to?

The chairperson of the committee,Mfon Usoro said that the adoption of the policy will make Nigerian economy better and future profiting of the entire transportation service sector and for the many sector that will rely on the transportation in a diversified economy.

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