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Rio police exposes airport drug rings

Published on December 21, 2017

By admin

Rio Police Brazil

Twenty-seven people have been arrested, including airline and airport staff, one foreigner and an official from the Brazillian tax office for duplicating the luggage labels of innocent passengers to send suitcases of cocaine abroad.

According to Wagner Menezes from the Federal police, “This was very worrying.”

“We did a very specific investigative job and identified three groups operating at Galeᾶo” he said

Speaking further he said, “the investigation began in February after an unclaimed bag which has been tagged the luggage label of an elderly couple was returned to Brazil on its arrival in Amsterdam. It was later discovered to contain 36 kg of cocaine by the Brazilian authorities.

According to police reports, In a ware house at the Sᾶo Sebastiᾶo market in Penha, 300 kg of cocaine was found and the drugs were taken by a driver to the airport from there.

Another suspect was arrested in Sᾶo Paulo, criminal groups and gangs were also apprehended.

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