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Professor encourages the use of Mathematical model to solve real life issues

Published on December 16, 2017

By admin

Speaking at the 57th inaugural lecture of Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA),a Professor of Mathematics, Usman Abubakar explained how he used mathematics model to study the prognosis of leprosy and it’s adverse effects on health, he said the study centres on treatment of leprosy patient to the point of recovery or patients death.

Professor Abubakar said”A mathematical model is a mathematical description of some real life situation. It can be applied in predicting weather conditions, diagnosing specific ailments and study drug efficiency in human, among other areas. He explained mathematics modelling as a method of creating an arithmetical model of a problem,and using it to analyse and solve the problem”.

The professor said his research was experimented on blood inventory at the Minna general hospital which enable him carry out thorough research on human health condition regularly, he said that it is possible to predict the possibility of having leprosy with grade one and two disabilities.

Professor Usman Abubakar urge the government and non-governmental organisation to maximize the information emanating from mathematical models to solve real life problems.

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