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Okorocha preaches himself worthy of emulation to the Nigerian Air Force

Published on December 12, 2017

By admin

The Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha speaking with the Nigerian Air Force over the weekend in Owerri, the state capital advised that the Department of Happiness and Purpose Fulfilment should be created in the Nigeria Air force that such would take care of the need of junior officers and reduce agitations generally as the citizens would be happy

In his words, “Agitation comes up when people are not happy, and the whole essence of life is to be happy. For this reason, I will advice that the Air Force too, just like I did recently, which most people didn’t understand, should create a department for Happiness and Purpose Fulfilment.”

“This will help to address the need of even junior officers, who may have some forms of dissatisfaction in the discharge of their duties.”

“Sometimes, you may think they are happy when they are not, and this sabotages the efforts of the Federal Government.”

“Mentorship is another aspect which can help people achieve their purpose in life. If people are happy, there will be less agitation.”

“The amount of money we spend on aircrafts and in the purchase of arms would have reduced by 50 per cent. This could also end issues of restructuring, Niger Delta and all other forms of agitations.”

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