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Manchester United vs. Manchester City: Mourinho lauds Man City

Published on December 12, 2017

By admin

The defeat of Manchester United by Manchester City on Sunday gave an adverse blow on the manager of Manchester United football club, Jose Mourinho, who is known for his unrelenting efforts in making the team a great one.

The 2-1 victory by Manchester City is described by the manager as being “protected by the luck” and helped on their way to the championship because “the gods of football are behind them”

He said, “I think they are a very good team, they are lucky, they have decisions in their favour.”

Reacting to the events surrounding the referee, he disclosed, “My first reaction is that I feel sorry for Michael Oliver. The referee is a human being and he tried his best. He was very committed to have a good match, which I think he had, but made one mistake, which was a crucial mistake.”

When asked whether the title race was now over, the manager responded: “Probably, yes. Manchester City is a very good team and they are protected by the luck, and the gods of football are behind them.”

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