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Kim Jong-un executes officials for tunnel collapse and test delays

Published on December 21, 2017

By admin

Kim Jong-un north korea president

According to reports, The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un has executed two top officials due to the causalities at the North Korea’s missile test site.

After accepting full responsibility for the lapses at the Punggye-ri nuclear base, one of the officials was executed.

Another questioning event that occur five days ago was the sudden disappearance of a high-ranking official ‘the second most powerful man in North Korea’ General Hwang Pyong-so who occupied the position of the Vice-Marshall before his sudden disappearance. He has been speculated to have been executed as well.

The nuclear base situated at the North Korea mountains have been said to have deteriorated due to the constant strikes of landslides and earthquakes caused by the incessant nuclear blasts.

In September, it was reported that 200 workers died due to a tunnel collapse shortly after the detonation of an H- bomb.

Reports gathered indicate the recent execution to be that of the Director of Bureau 131 in charge of construction at the missile and nuclear base.

Asahi Shimbun disclosed to Japanese paper that “It seems he took the blame as the prolonged mining of the nuclear facility pushed back the test date to September when it was initially set for spring”

Kim Jong-un is said to have, detonated the Hydrogen bomb, launched dozens of missiles this year, executed more than 340 people since his resumption of office.

He was spotted on Mount Paektu early this month which triggers fear as the same Mount has been tagged his destination before any deadly execution as was the case of Hyon Yong-chol, the former defence chief, Jang Song-thaek, his uncle and political guardian

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