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Facebook launches ‘Related Articles’ to alert users to fake news

Published on December 24, 2017

By admin

Facebook Fighting Fake News

Facebook announced on Thursday that it will show related articles next to the false news instead of the red icon used before to indicate fake news.

According to Faceboook, related articles will pop-up beside the fake news to give additional information or reports from fact checkers.

The social network has been on the move to curb of fake news shared on its platform for a long time as it launched disputed flags in December 2016; it introduces fact-checked stories to Related Articles in August and recently added “trust indicators”.

Facebook product designer, Jeff Smith told Medium that disputed flags shelved informational evidence that could be used to debunk the hoax and required at least two fact checkers to the article unlike Related Articles which requires only one fact-checkers review.

Related Articles minimise the spread of fake news without consuming time, however Facebook disclosed that it will continue to give notice of any fake news that has been disputed by fact-checkers.

Smith wrote, “Using language that is unbiased and non-judgmental help us to build products that speak to people with diverse perspectives.”

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