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A Chinese live streaming website shut down amidst privacy violation allegations

Published on December 24, 2017

By admin

Qihoo 360 Technology

Qihoo 360 Technology, a Chinese firm has shut down its live streaming website ‘Water Drop’ site as a result of complaints of privacy violation.

Qihoo gave out free cameras to schools on the reports of abuse at a kindergarten in Beijing as a means for parents to monitor their children.

A statement in the home page of Water Drop disclosed that it has been closed down due to “internal business adjustments.”

However on the company’s page, an open letter stipulating that not all its cameras stream live as Water Drop also serves as host to a number of businesses which uses the platform for advertisement of their services.

They advised companies or businesses using the websites for adverts to crave the indulgence of their customers and create awareness to the effect before switching on to stream live.

Qihoo however disclosed that the supply of cameras to schools will not come to a halt as it will continue to do so to enable parents monitor their offspring.

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